The world's first robotic orthopedic solution for personal use alternative to exoskeletons that allows stroke hemiplegics to stand up from their wheel chair and walk independently every day with no medical supervision.

Awake, a disruptive approach

Personal use without medical supervision

Awake is a new category designed so those millions of stroke survivors with hemiplegia or hemiparesis can stand up and walk independently at home or in their community without medical supervision.

Design and ergonomics 100% adapted to stroke

Unlike exoskeletons, designed for spinal cord injury (both legs are paralyzed), Awake is designed for hemiplegia and hemiparesis due to stroke. It powers the hip and knee of the only affected leg and includes a quadripod for the user’s command and support.The above, along with the use of aeronautical materials and technology allows to reduce its weight to less than half (6kg) and improve ergonomics and usability.

Affordable, accessible

It is 80% cheaper than any exoskeleton on the market (€15,000 ). It can be both rented or sold to individuals making the technology accessible to everyone.

Quality of life and health

Awake goes beyond rehabilitation.When the patient returns home from the hospital, it allows him to walk every day, helping this way to improve his quality of life and the health problems related to a wheelchair-bound lifestyle.

Dr. Conxita Closa

Dr. Conxita Closa

President of the Catalan Society for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Head of Extra-home Rehabilitation
Section at Hospital Clínic
Rehabilitation Advisor

"Only in Spain estimated more than 180,000  stroke survivors suffer from loss of mobility, provoking remarkable limitations to perform daily activities.Technology must help to overcome disability and to recover self-autonomy. Robopedics has well understood this need. Due to its design, lightweight, friendly use, and the options of customization, it is the right solution to recover the lost functions."

Dra. Esther Duarte

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Director at Hospital del Mar

"Awake offers obvious improvements that I’ve never seen before at any stroke treatment: is the very first device which treats only and exclusively the affected limb. It also combines a very lite and minimalistic design compared with any other similar solution available today. We are foreseeing a very promising orthotic motorized device with a huge potential both for particular and therapeutic usages."